The top 10 nut flavor's

The top 10 nut flavor's

The top 10 nut flavours

Ariga Foods stands at the forefront of culinary innovation, offering a tantalizing array of nut flavors that redefine snacking experiences. With a commitment to quality and taste, Ariga Foods brings forth a collection of hand-picked almonds and cashews, meticulously roasted without oil, and seasoned with an exquisite blend of flavors. Let's embark on a flavorful journey through the top 10 nut flavors crafted by Ariga Foods.


The Top 10 Best Nut Flavors from Ariga Foods Are

1. Tandoori Almonds:

Indulge in the aromatic spices of India with Ariga's Tandoori Almonds. Infused with traditional tandoori flavors nuts, these almonds offer a savoury and spicy kick that ignites the taste buds. Perfect for spice enthusiasts.

2. Cheese Almonds:

Enjoy the creamy goodness of cheese combined with the crunch of almonds. Ariga's Cheese Almonds blend rich cheese flavors with a nutty texture, creating a delightful snacking experience. Ideal for cheese lovers and those seeking a classic snack.

3. Cream & Onion Almonds:

Experience the classic combination of creaminess and tanginess with Cream & Onion Almonds. These almonds are coated with a savoury cream and onion seasoning, perfect for those craving a savoury treat. Perfect for fans of classic chip flavors, a deserving alternative to crunch required while not losing upon cream & onion flavor. 

4. Himalayan Pink Salt Almonds:

Elevate your snacking experience with Himalayan Pink Salt Almonds. Sourced from the pristine Himalayan region, these almonds are seasoned with premium pink salt, adding a subtle yet distinctive flavor profile. Ideal for health-conscious individuals who appreciate natural flavors.

5. Butter & Herbs Almonds:

Indulge in the richness of butter paired with aromatic herbs with Butter & Herbs Almonds. These almonds are infused with a buttery essence and a medley of herbs, delivering an enjoyable and fragrant taste. Perfect for those who appreciate gourmet flavors. 

6. Cheese & Herbs Cashews:

Ariga's Cheese & Herbs Cashews offer a delectable twist on traditional cashew flavors. Combining the creamy richness of cheese with a blend of aromatic herbs, these cashews are a perfect balance of flavors. Ideal for cheese lovers who enjoy a touch of complexity.

7. Pudina Cashews:

Experience the refreshing zest of mint with Pudina Cashews. Infused with the refreshing flavor of mint leaves, these cashews provide a burst of freshness with every bite.Perfect for those who enjoy a mild spicy and unique taste.

8.Tomato Cream Cashews:

Enjoy the tangy sweetness of tomatoes combined with the richness of cream with Tomato Cream Cashews. These cashews are coated with a flavorful tomato cream seasoning, offering a unique and indulgent taste. Ideal for adventurous snackers who enjoy a mix of sweet and savory.

9.Himalayan Pink Salt Cashews:

Enjoy the pure and natural taste of cashews seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt. Sourced from the Himalayan region, these cashews are sprinkled with premium pink salt crystals, enhancing their flavor and nutritional value. Perfect for health-conscious individuals who appreciate minimalism.

10. Black Pepper Cashews:

Experience a bold and spicy flavor with Black Pepper Cashews. Coated with aromatic black pepper seasoning, these cashews deliver a satisfyingly spicy kick with each bite. Ideal for those who crave a little heat in their snacking experience.


In-House Curation and Roasting Process:

At Ariga Foods, every flavor and seasoning is meticulously curated in-house to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. The almonds and cashews undergo a rigorous selection process, with only the finest nuts cutting. They are then dry roasted without oil, preserving their natural goodness and crunchiness while minimising added fats.



Ariga Foods takes snacking to new heights with its diverse range of nut flavors. From the aromatic spices of Tandoori Almonds to the creamy richness of Cheese & Herbs Cashews, each flavor is a testament to Ariga's commitment to taste and quality. Elevate your snacking experience with Ariga Foods' hand-picked, dry-roasted nuts, and embark on a flavorful journey.

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