The Science of Snacking: Why We Crave certain foods?

The Science of Snacking: Why We Crave certain foods?

The Science of Snacking: Why We Crave certain foods?


Every one of us experiences cravings for something or another. As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a craving is a “very strong desire” for something.

A food craving is an intense desire for a particular group of food that seems to be uncontrollable in case of not consuming the set category. Each one of us craves differently. It has been found that women particularly crave sweet options whereas men usually crave savory options. Although cravings can be different for every person they are transient and it has been found that they are often for processed food that is high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats.

Food cravings can lead people towards unhealthy lifestyles and often disrupt healthy diet plans. Cravings can usually be of two types: Selective and Non-Selective. Selective cravings, as the name suggests, are for some particular group of food like a bar of chocolate, a flavor of ice cream, or even chips. Non Selective cravings can be seen as a result of hunger and hunger pangs, which lead to the consumption of anything. Switching a handful of nuts and dry fruits in place of packaged snacks can do the trick. Although it can also be a sign of thirst and sometimes drinking water can help curb these cravings.

Let's see some of the governing factors that have a direct relation to these cravings:

Reasons for Food Cravings:


  • You need energy

We perform a lot of activities throughout the day and need energy for that. It is usually found that most people crave food rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and fat as they provide an instant boost of energy upon consumption.

  • You are not hydrated

Hunger and thirst are very closely related and at times when we don’t provide the body with enough hydration, it can result in cravings.

  • Your hormones are unbalanced

Hormones are probably the biggest culprit. An unbalanced level of hormones like an increase in cortisol triggers cravings. It has also true in the case of women who are still mensurating, as the cyclic hormones trigger cravings for certain food items.

  • You are Stressed or anxious

Chronic stress is said to increase the cortisol level in the body which increases appetite- especially for sweet carbs. In case we are feeling sad or anxious about something, we crave certain food that triggers pleasure and soothes the mood naturally.


  • You might be experiencing low blood sugar

Our body needs the energy to drive it throughout the day. If we don’t eat enough food, this can lead to lower sugar levels thus sending a message to eat in the form of unhealthy cravings usually in the form of sugar.

  • You are missing out on essential nutrients from your diet

Depriving the body of a certain category of food can also lead to cravings. If you are not providing your body with enough protein, vitamins, and minerals, the body will start craving it as it lacks something.

Ways to Handle Cravings

Having established that cravings are universal, here are a few tips where we can help manage them more healthily:

  • Reduce Stress Levels

Stress and emotional imbalance are closely related to cravings. Practicing breath exercises, meditation, or following a hobby that alleviates the mood can help reduce stress levels.

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Our lifestyle choices also determine the kind of cravings we experience. It has been found that people who indulge in some kind of exercise often experience a good mood. Also eating balanced meals which are full of essential nutrients helps keep the body energized and reduce cravings.

Including nuts and dry fruits along with vegetables and fruits provide essential nutrients to the body.

  • Stay Hydrated

Hydration is equally important. Drinking enough water throughout the day also helps keep cravings in check.

  • Enjoy small snacks

Snacking is one important factor that can help check cravings. Chomping upon a handful of nuts and dry fruits can be useful as they are also packed with vital nutrients that the body needs. They provide an instant boost of energy and are a way healthier alternative to processed food items. Taking small snacks helps keep a check on cravings and also on overeating during meals.

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