Our most Creative Snack Flavors: How do we come up with new Ideas?

Our most Creative Snack Flavors: How do we come up with new Ideas?

Dry fruits and nuts like Almonds, Cashews, and Raisins have always been a favorite among Indian households. Whether to boost immunity to simply lend a royal taste to our curries and desserts, these nuts have been extensively used across Asian cuisines.

Snacking is one such activity that is associated with a lot of misconceptions and wrong information which create an air of negativity but still is one of the most important part of Indians’ diet. Ariga Foods since its inception has been working towards providing a healthy balance of taste and nutrition through its premium range of raw, salted, and flavors versions of nuts, dry fruits, seeds, dried fruits, Oats, and Granolas.

One of the features that make the brand stand out is the list of lip-smacking flavors. A flavor curve has many notes when it comes to Indian foods. The brand has been providing a big band of flavors ranging from the tried and tested ones that have been rooted in our age-old customs as well as new exciting ones to match the evolving tastes.

Ariga Foods: The king of exciting Flavors!

Innovating Flavors for your taste buds

Since its beginning, Ariga Foods’ focus is on making Snacking healthier and more flavorful to customers. Including nuts in your diet can be a cornerstone of a well-balanced and enriching food approach. Almonds and Cashews are one of the most favored ones when mainly due to their creamy texture and nutty taste and versatility. The brand has been invested in producing innovative and nutritious flavors with quality herbs and spices directly sourced from farmers.

Bestseller Snack Flavors

Tandoori Almonds

One of the exclusive offerings that has today become one of the most soght-after ones is  none other than the Tandoori Almonds. Only the A-grade ingredients that are hand-picked go through the processing providing the genuine product. They make the perfect companion to your evening tea and coffee.

Cheese and Herb Cashews

Cheese and Herb Cashew has been slowly becoming one of the most bought snacks by consumers. The cashews are delicious and cheese and herbs add a twist to it. The nuts are roasted, covered in creamy cheese, and topped with herbs. Cashews help in enhancing immunity and brain function. Buy Cashew Herb n Cheese from Ariga Foods and gift yourself a protein-packed flavored snack.


Cream and Onion Almonds

One of the flavors which have become the absolute favorite online is the Cream and onion Almonds. Ariga Foods make use of real onion flakes to make the flavors enriched. The air-tight packaging makes it possible to retain the flavors and crunchiness of the product for a longer period.

Black Pepper Cashews

Cashews are certainly one of the biggest categories that will start appearing in your diet plans and recipes even more than before. They are an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients for the body. A perfect evening time snack that also goes along with tea, coffee, or any other of your favorite beverage. The tasty blend of Cashews with black pepper goes a long way in providing the body with needed protein and vitamins to keep you energetic throughout the day.


Oats Munchies

With its highly appreciated range of Zero oil and baked Oats munchies, Ariga Foods forayed into the segment of diet snacks. Both Khatta-Meetha namkeen and Pudina-namkeen flavors have become hot sellers.

Ariga Foods will take this endeavor of providing exciting flavors to its customers with skillful mastering and research about the customers’ tastes.


Lend your snacks an air of nutrition without compromising the taste quotient with offerings from Ariga Foods. Whether you are searching for healthy snacking options for yourself or are looking for some party snacks, these delicious treats are excellent snack options to go for. Indulge in a range of highly nutritive and scrumptious Snacking options from Ariga Foods. Browse the offerings at www.ArigaFoods.com.



22 June 2023
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