Our Bestselling Snacks: What Makes Them So Popular?

Our Bestselling Snacks: What Makes Them So Popular?

Very few things have so much air of confusion and controversy around themselves as Snacks. They are an essential part of the daily routine as they provide much-needed replenishment to the body without overindulging. But most of us tend to pick up convenience store buys like chips, chocolates, sodas, etc which are only adding calories to your diet.

With the rising awareness about nutrition and health, consumers are now moving towards brands like Ariga Foods that provide them with the right combination of nutrition and taste. The options are numerous and come loaded with fiber, protein, and other essentials needed by the body. They help keep cravings in check and keep you fuller for a longer period.

Whether you are someone looking to make the move into healthy snacking or a health enthusiast in search of exciting snack options, check the following most sought-after snack options from Ariga Foods and know what makes them the best option for you.

California Almonds

Almonds are one of the most consumed nuts across households. They are packed with fiber and vital nutrients needed by the body.

Ariga Foods is one of the most sought-after destinations when comes to buying premium-quality Almonds online. The almonds offered are big without any breakage and the dual roasting process as adopted by the brand makes it possible to bring a zero-moisture Almonds range for consumers. When you purchase 250 gms of Almonds from Ariga Foods you get 250 gms of product.

Tandoori Almonds

Another offering exclusive to Ariga Foods is this spicy and tangy-flavored Tandoori Almonds. Only the A-grade ingredients that are hand-picked go through the processing providing the genuine product. They make the perfect companion to your evening tea and coffee.

Cream and Onion Almonds

One of the flavors which have become the absolute favorite online is the Cream and onion Almonds. Ariga Foods make use of real onion flakes to make the flavors enriched. The air-tight packaging makes it possible to retain the flavors and crunchiness of the product for a longer period.

Cheese and Herb Cashews

Cheese and Herb Cashew has been slowly becoming one of the most bought snacks by consumers. The cashews are delicious and cheese and herbs add a twist to it. The nuts are roasted, covered in creamy cheese, and topped with herbs.

All the Cashews used are of premium quality and the spices and herbs used are sourced directly from the framers to ensure the richness.  Also, the roasting and flavoring process of Ariga ensures no residue in the packets and you get whole products to munch on.

Himalayan Pink Salt Cashews

The Dual roasting process ensures that the Cashews are free from moisture and tossed in Himalayan Pink  Salt to provide a daily dose of scrumptious Cashews. If you are looking for a little less spicy snack, this makes the perfect option.

Black Pepper Cashews

A nutrient-dense snack that is full of taste and flavor along with the essential nutrients to keep you energetic throughout the day. The tasty blend is a perfect companion to your evenings and even goes a long way in satiating cravings.

Oats Munchies

If you are looking for diet snacks and purchasing the ones on the counter, you are misled. Take the healthier route with the zero-oil and baked Oats munchies which are an exclusive offering of Ariga Foods. The best quality ingredients are used and the flavors are exciting. Both Khatta Meetha and Pudina flavors are hot selling.

All the offerings are air-tight packaged to lock the crunch and freshness for a longer time. Also, You will find zero waste at the end of the containers thus providing you the best value for your money. The nuts are of premium quality and Jumbo in size and we ensure zero breakage during the delivery process. The pet jars with air-tight wads help you to take them with you on the go, maybe to the office or any other destination so that you do not get an excuse to indulge in unhealthy snacking again.





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