Make Snacking a Healthy and Enjoyable Experience with Nuts and Seeds

Make Snacking a Healthy and Enjoyable Experience with Nuts and Seeds

Snacking is hard to avoid even when you are following a healthy diet. The urge to eat something with our evening tea or in between a work break is something that comes naturally to Indians. And normally we munch on unhealthy foods like chips, biscuits, namkeen, and more. However, unhealthy snacking in the long-term can lead to several lifestyle diseases including hypertension and diabetes along with weight gain.

If you often feel the urge to snack then it is better to replace unhealthy food items with healthy ingredients like dry fruits. Apart from beating hunger, they are a rich source of multiple nutrients. Dry Fruits offer a very interesting nutritional profile including unsaturated fats, fibres, vitamins, vegetable proteins, minerals, zinc, and more.

If you are bored of eating raw dry fruits, you can also enjoy them roasted or in multiple flavours. Whatever suits your palette, amid the COVID-19 pandemic they are one of the healthiest snack options for sure to boost your immunity and overall health.

More Reasons why Dry Fruits are a Healthy Snack Option

  • Have great satiating properties; that means a handful of almonds or cashews can beat your hunger without consuming too many calories

  • Lowers cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure, and decreases heart inflammation

  • Dry fruits are a natural source of energy that also strengthen bones and keep skin healthy

  • Rich of proteins, zinc, and potassium that helps in boosting immunity

  • Contains antioxidants like catechins that help in flushing out toxic radicals

  • Calcium and magnesium make your bones stronger

  • Helps to manage weight


Where to Buy High Quality and Premium Dry Fruits/ Nuts?

The market is full of mediocre quality dry fruits that are sold at a premium. In the absence of assured quality, it is better to go with a registered and experienced supplier of dry fruits. Ariga Foods offers a wide range of Flavoured Nuts, Raw Nuts and Seeds. The premium range of high-quality dry fruits is sourced responsibly, processed, and packed at our facility under stringent quality checks before it reaches your kitchen shelves.

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