Include Almonds In Your Diet For A Radiant Skin

Include Almonds In Your Diet For A Radiant Skin

Looking forward to a solution to cater to your skin problems? You need to begin with your diet.

From sprinkling on your kheer and desserts to eating them soaked and peeled, Almond is one such nut that everyone has consumed in their life one way or the other. They are crunchy and healthy at the same time. They are considered to be good for memory, health, hair, and skin. 

True to its meaning, “beauty begins on inside”, what you eat gets reflected on your skin. While the attention has shifted to superficial fixes, eating the right kind of diet is equally crucial if you are looking forward to getting radiant and glowing skin. 

Almonds for Skin

It is the most consumed superfood for memory and brain growth. Almonds are rich in nutrients like zinc, potassium, magnesium, and Omega-3 fatty acids making them one of the healthiest nuts to snack on. They come loaded with niacin, calcium fiber, and riboflavin content. Almonds have a high concentration of Vitamin E and hence play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and texture of skin and hair. 

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Here are some of the evidence-based benefits of Almonds for the skin which makes them an important part of any diet:

Improves Skin texture:

Almonds have a high concentration of Vitamin E, which helps to safeguard the skin against the free radicals often caused due to exposure to sun rays, pollution, smoke, and other environmental factors. Including Almonds can help in retaining and also enhancing the skin's radiance and texture.

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Reduces Wrinkles:

Enriched with Vitamin E and polyphenols, Almonds help improve skin wrinkles and skin tone.

Acts as an excellent exfoliator:

Acne, whiteheads, and blackheads are some of the most annoying skin nightmares. Not just almond nourishes the skin, but also act as an excellent exfoliator and helps in maintaining a clear complexion.

Prevents Skin Dryness:

Almonds come loaded with linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that help in keeping the skin supple and hydrated. They provide moisturization to the skin and prevent it from drying out.

Provides nourishment to Skin:

Almonds are rich in nutrients and antioxidants which provide nourishment to the skin. Loaded with various essential vitamins, they help create a natural barrier and also have proven to be quite effective in overcoming several skin woes when used topically.

Helps slow down Skin aging:

Yes, that’s true. Not just Almond nourishes skin, but they come packed with various antioxidants which help in getting a youthful appearance and also maintain it at the same time.

Nothing can do wonders overnight, but small habits when nurtured over a while can provide substantial results. Enrich your diet with superior-quality Superfood options from Ariga Foods. You can find raw, salted, and flavored options to snack upon. Snack healthy and also make your skin radiant at the same time. Buy Almonds online at Amazon and Flipkart.


25 March 2023

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