History of Ariga Foods: From Humble Beginnings to Success

History of Ariga Foods: From Humble Beginnings to Success

Ariga Foods was born out of an idea to provide healthier and nutritional choices for snacking that are just not for a selected group but for everyone at large.

Ariga Foods was incepted in 2020 by a professional who had an extensive experience of fifteen years and had found that people were facing the challenge to find healthier nourishment options i.e., Snacks to satiate their cravings and hunger pangs. The market was flooded with conveniently placed and poorly packaged options which were landed upon as the safest options but were playing havoc with the health of adults and kids alike.

The need of the hour was to provide such alternatives that can act as comfort food for that formidable hour between lunch and dinner when the body needs nourishment and craves taste. Sometimes vegetables and fruits can’t do the job and we crave tastier options to indulge in.

Bringing the right blend of taste and nutrition on one platform, Ariga Foods brings forth an innovative and addictive range of nuts, dry fruits, seeds, Trail Mixes, crunchy Granolas, and scrumptious Oats that are healthy and tasty at the same time.


Making Snacking Healthier

Do you crave to munch something while traveling back from office to home?

Do you like gobbling on snacks during studying or watching television or simply hanging out with friends?

Are you searching for something to eat with your coffee or tea?

Are you simply finding alternatives for your infamous hunger pangs?

Rather than hooking up with that notoriously fried chips, chocolates, high-fat snacks, or even the ones that claim to be diet snacks but only pack ideal calories, try the Superfood range from Ariga Foods. All the products are developed after much experimentation and are sure to spice up your taste buds. Whether you are someone who enjoys the Indian Spicy kind of snacks or who prefers their version a little low on spice, the brand has great options for everyone. You can find a premium and very reasonably priced range of salted, raw, and flavored Nuts, Dry fruits, Trail mixes, mighty Granolas, and the very exclusive Zero-oil and baked range of Oats munchies.

For Mindful Binging

Ariga Food is the answer to the raging need for a snack for our new-age consumers. A consumer who is well aware of his well-being and takes nourishment seriously. With the highly appreciated range of Superfood options, that are best for every occasion whether you are enjoying them with your evening tea or serving them as party poppers, the brand is creating its fan base. Whether you are a health enthusiast or are simply someone on the lookout for a healthier lifestyle, these Superfood options should be included in your diet for maximum results.

Nothing but the Best Ingredients

The main aim is to provide consumers with a joyful and guilt-free snacking experience. The snacks are made with pure, power-packed ingredients. All the offerings are processed sans artificial flavoring, gluten, preservatives, and MSG to make it easier to binge on them without much worry about health.

Nuts like Almonds and Cashews are hand-picked, roasted, and checked for moisture content to provide nothing but the best-grade products. All the herbs and spices are directly sourced from the framers and then are mixed and processed to reach the Ariga level of flavors. We make sure to use only A-grade ingredients to provide the maximum value for the money to our consumers.

Enhanced Portability

At Ariga, we are constantly evolving and experimenting to provide the best options. All the offerings are delivered in air-tight packaging to prolong the freshness and crunchiness of the products. The products are packed in food-grade reusable pet jars to ensure the least or no breakage during the delivery. We also ensure the wad seals lock the freshness for a longer time.

The consumers needed products that they can tag along with themselves. The multiple packaging options offered by the brand solve this problem. Ariga has traveled the world and gained the finest understanding of consumers’ needs since the motto is serving the best quality products and commitment to our consumers.

The Road Ahead

Innovation….. to provide authentic and healthier choices for Snacking to Consumers!

Taking the legacy forward we are continuously challenging ourselves to bring exciting and flavorful options for healthier Snacking choices. Experience the NO GUILT Snacks with Ariga Foods.


Explore our wide range of nuts, Dry Fruits, Seeds, Dried Berries, Trail Mixes, crunchy Oats, and Breakfast Granolas seeds that are filled with the goodness of nature. Indulge your taste buds with our healthy and wholesome nutritional dried fruits and nuts. You can also find the offerings listed on major marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.


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