From Farm to Table: Ariga Foods’s Approach to Source Ingredients

From Farm to Table: Ariga Foods’s Approach to Source Ingredients

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

We are what we eat. We can follow a good and healthy diet but when it comes to snacking people tend to move towards unhealthy options. Convenience to getting on hand and taste often are the two factors that make the healthier options unpopular.

Ariga Foods is one such name that meets the nutrition quotient without lacking in the taste factor. Being a pioneer in the market, Ariga Foods provides a range of addictive flavors to snack upon and keep a check on the calories. We passionately funded the company to provide a range of healthy snacking options to the regular household that can help make lifestyle changes.

Since our humble beginning, we have been invested in producing an innovative and nutritious range with natural ingredients sourced from farmers. The brand is known for making use of only wholesome and natural ingredients to provide the best products for your wellness journey.

In the age, where the market is flooded with ready-to-eat synthetic products, Ariga Foods are committed to discouraging the usage of any kind of synthetic preservatives that can prove to be harmful in the long run.

Here are some of the major steps that have become an integral part of our ingredients sourcing process which make our products absolute bestsellers in the market:

Quality is Paramount

When it comes to nuts and dry fruits, Quality is something that can make a lot of difference in the product. We ensure that the products are directly sourced from the farmers to make sure of their superior quality. The quality check performed by our professionals ensures that only the A-grade superior quality nuts are picked for processing. The focus is on the selection of premium quality nuts that are free from any breakage or any kind of infection or pesticide.

Nutritional Quotient is High

All the snacks are high in nutritional along with rich in taste. We have been focused on creating a range of offerings that are true to our aim. You will find no breakage or residue in any of the products. Also, a dual roasting process is used to ensure the nuts are free from any kind of moisture.

Usage of Whole Products

At Ariga, the focus is on providing maximum value for the consumer’s money. The use of Jumbo and A –grade nuts ensure that you get the best quality. The processing is done to provide a range of moisture-free nuts which eventually provide a greater number of nuts in each packaging than the other options. Also, the superior packaging and delivery mechanism followed by Ariga provides a zero breakage range to the consumers.

Fortifying Flavors

All the herbs and spices are carefully selected to match the preferences of the customers and sourced directly from the farmers. The brand is committed to providing options that are different and also provides exclusive offerings like Tandoori Almonds and Cream& Onion Almonds. We make use of real onion flakes to make the flavor more enriching. The signature Zero oil and baked range of Oats munchies is the brand’s attempt to provide an authentic range of diet snacks that the market is lacking.

Staying true to its aim to bring forth a range that can help bring positive lifestyle changes in consumers’ lives, Ariga Foods has been constantly evolving and innovating to match the consumers’ tastes and requirements in a better way. Join the movement and stay true to your health with a raw, salted, and flavored range of nuts, dry fruits, seeds, Granolas, and Oats.



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