5 best cashew nut choices for your Daily Diet

5 best cashew nut choices for your Daily Diet

5 best cashew nut choices for your Daily Diet

Including dry fruits in the daily diet is the right move. Thinking of your favorite dry fruits and Cashew nuts will probably be at the top of the list. They are wholesome and are enriched with multiple nutrients, hence making Cashew a worthy addition to any diet. Besides, these versatile nuts are creamy and are extensively used across cuisines in curries and desserts to enhance flavor and taste.

If you are looking for premium quality Cashew nuts for consumption in your kitchen or maybe for your fresh nut milk and butter, Ariga Foods provide the best Cashew 1kg at an affordable price.

Cashews are undoubtedly one of the most consumed dry fruits in households. Being a pioneer in the market, Ariga Foods provides a range of addictive flavors to snack upon and keep a check on the calories. Here are some of the tasty flavored Cashew varieties to indulge in:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Cashews

Nothing beats the authentic taste of Himalayan Pink Salt Cashews. If you prefer a less spicy version, this variant is the one to go for. They go pretty well will juices and teas.

Ariga Foods brings authentic Himalayan Pink Salt Cashews which are sure to become your companion for evening hunger pangs.

  • Black Pepper Cashews

Another bestseller that has become the customers’ favorite is none other than Black Pepper Cashews. The extremely portable and pocket-friendly offering comes packed with a blend of Balck pepper which replenishes the body with much-needed protein. Another item that is sure to become the party-popper and is an excellent choice for snacking.

  • Cheese and Herb Cashews

If you are a fan of flavored nuts, Cheese Herb Cashew is a must to try. A perfect addition to your diet, Cashew contains healthy nutrients and plant compounds. Cheese on the other hand is an excellent source of calcium, good fats, and protein and hence is good for your bone health.

  • Pudina cashews

Another option worth trying is Pudina Cashews. They are not only a flavorful delight to your evening get-togethers but also pack the crunch and goodness of Cashews. The blend of dried pudina is a treat to the taste buds.

  • Tomato Cream cashews

Another flavor that can make your evening cravings tastier is Tomato Cream Cashews. The tangy taste of tomatoes infused with the goodness of Cashews is the perfect party snack and can also become your travel snack. Tomato Cream Cashew is perfect for snacking and also saves from the unwanted calories which go unnoticed most of the time.


You can also invest in packs of Cashew 1 kg at economical prices without worrying about the quality from Ariga Foods and store it in your pantry for future usage. They come in handy in the kitchen and also for gifting purposes as and when required. You can also buy them at Amazon and Flipkart. To make Snacking healthier and a lot less complicated, the company provides a multitude of options in form of a raw, salted, and flavored range of dry fruits, seeds, Granolas, and Oats to its customers. All the offerings are delivered in air-tight packaging and are highly portable. Whether you are a fan of spicy and flavored nuts or simply prefer them in their original glory, the brand has one for everyone. Log on to www.ArigaFoods.com to browse the healthier options to snack upon without compromising on taste and nutrition.



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