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Founded in 2007, Marine Dreams is amongst the leaders dealing in high quality aquariums, accessories and fish, in the tricity(Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali) and its surrounding areas. We offer imported as well as hand-made aquariums that are available in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. We also give our customers the option of buying tanks with or without tables. In addition to an array of tanks, we provide a wide range of accessories including air pumps, filters, heaters, aquatic plants, toys, colored gravel, aquarium lights, LED Lights, Radium plants, Syphons, Magnetic cleaners, Automatic feeders, etc. All our products have been manufactured by leading brands such as Minjiang, Eheim, Serra, Aquaone, Bodyguard, Sobo, etc.

At Marine Dreams, we have maintained a huge variety of livestock that includes different species of slow and fast fish. Our range of fresh water fish includes different variety of Gold fish, Koi Carps, Sharks, Parrots, Chichlids, Arowanas, Arapaima, Indonesian Tiger Fish, Salamanders, Albino Toads, lobsters, Oscars, Flower Horn and much more. Apart from this, we also deal in a vast range of high quality and branded fish foods such as Tetra Bits, Hikari, Shrimp, Blood worms, Humpy Head, Arowana food Sticks, Turtle Food, etc. We are committed to providing our customers with the best of aquariums and related products that are capable of enhancing the décor of their home or office.

In order to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers, we have efficiently displayed our range of products at our showroom located in Mohali. Determining your needs, we will guide you in choosing the right products. For customers who do not wish to spend much, we give them an option of buying second hand aquarium tanks as well as toys that effectively priced. In case you are too busy to visit our facility, you can place the order on phone and we will ensure to deliver the product as soon as possible (additional delivery charges apply). For tips related to the maintenance of your tanks and for any fish related queries you may browse through our website or contact us on phone or by visiting our aquarium shop.




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