Elate RCM

ELATE Revenue Cycle Management Services Pvt Ltd (OPC) is an ISO 9001:2015 Organization. they redefine traditional operating models and transform the processes to create extraordinary value in medical claim management. ELATE is Backed by rich domain expertise of 18+ years of experience and robust technology.

Every solution they create responds to a client’s unique need and is designed to deliver sustainable value. They have a sole focus on providing end-to-end revenue cycle execution for providers. Their expertise is to provide a wide variety of services to organizations in the Healthcare industry, such as hospitals, midsized provider organizations, and Medical Billing Companies. Physician’s livelihood depends on the correct coding and billing of their services provided to the patient by ensuring patient is eligible for medical services and verifying pre-authorization prior to the exam.



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Gift Boxes 600g packs

Special Health Box- Raw Nuts

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