A. Dry fruits refer to fruits that have all water content removed through the drying process. As a result, we get a shrunk version of the fruit that is more energy dense.
A. Cashews are the one which is sold the most in India due to their rich creamy taste.
A. Although all dry fruits have their importance, Almonds are referred to be the King of dry fruits. They are rich in Essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein and are a natural source of Zinc, selenium, and Vitamin E.
A. There is no good answer to it. All dry fruits are rich in minerals and essential vitamins. Including dry fruits in your diet can be a good move and impact your overall health. You can start your dry fruit journey here.
A. Dry Fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, Zinc, Antioxidants, and many such vitamins needed by the body daily. They are good for sustaining a healthy immune system. Many studies have indicated that people who include dry fruits in their diet tend to lead a more balanced and disease-free life.